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Vulnerability Discovered in Adobe Flash. Update Now.

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A new major vulnerability in Adobe Flash has been made public, and is rapidly spreading online.  Adobe responded quickly today with an update to Flash.

If you are one of our Advantage Program clients we have already removed the old version of Flash on your flash_zero_day-680x400computer and installed the new secure version. If you are not on a plan with us, or are not sure, we recommend you visit this web page to Update Flash.

This security flaw in Flash allows a malicious web site to perform any type of task on computers that visit such a site. It could be used to install viruses, copy personal information, retrieve stored passwords, etc.  Here’s some more info on the vulnerability, Adobe-flash-exploit-that-was-leaked-by-hacking-team-goes-wild-patch-now.

Beware Ransomware Viruses

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Ransomware-Malware-300x2832What It Is

As its name implies, ransomware is a type of malware or virus that denies you access to your machine, essentially holding your data hostage until you complete a survey or pay a fee in order to unlock and use your device. Traditionally posing a threat to PCs exclusively, ransomware has recently been detected in iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers as well as in Android mobile devices.

Its Attack Style

There are several ways through which ransomware can attack your gadget. One way is via attachments to emails. Another is through exploiting security flaws in an installed application or in your device’s operating system. The aforementioned CryptoWall virus’ preferred avenue of incursion is through fake update notices for applications like Adobe Reader and Java. Even advertisements on major websites could be harboring ransomware. Whereas no gadget is immune, PCs running Windows XP are especially vulnerable to ransomware, as Microsoft ended support for XP in April.

When it comes to ransomware, infection is only the tip of the iceberg. Ransomware uses sophisticated techniques to extort users into paying money. One strain of ransomware assumes the identity of the FBI or your local police department and demands that you pay a fine through legitimate money transfer service like Green Dot MoneyPak or anonymous services such as BitCoin, to avoid prosecution for a bogus Internet law infraction and regain access to your device. Victims of a ransomware outbreak in Australia report their iPhone’s “Find My iPhone” feature’s alarm wailing as a message demanding a money transfer via PayPal appeared on the screen.

How to Fight Back

If ransomware is holding your data captive, do not call Liam Neeson to rescue it and definitely do not cave to its requests! Contact Geeks on Wheels.  914-562-1800.


Microsoft Ending Support for Windows XP April 8th

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Windows XP End of SupportMicrosoft ended support for Windows XP on April 8th. If you have an older computer it is time to move on to newer and better technologies.

After April 8th, Microsoft will no longer publish any security updates for the 12 year old operating system, and they will no longer support the development of software from third parties.  There will be little to no new software developed by any manufacturer for Windows XP, and computers with this OS will become increasingly vulnerable to security risks, viruses, and hacker exploits.

On the positive side, upgrading to the latest versions of Windows and Office provide a productivity boost. As always, we are here to help you with the transition.  We are actively and efficently rolling out zippy new computers to our clients.


How To Dispose of Old Electronics

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Recycling Electronics

When disposing of your formerly loved computers, tablets, phones, and other electronics there are two key factors to keep in mind: your data and the environment.


Protecting the Environment:

Electronics contain toxic pollutants, including mercury and lead. Please do not dispose of your old iPad, phone, or any other electronics into your garbage. Doing so is harmful to the environment and is illegal.

Geeks on Wheels is now offering eWaste recycling at no charge.

We are accepting retired computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones for environmentally friendly recycling. Simply bring your old electronics to our office at 47 Halstead Ave, Harrison, NY.
Additionally, many municipalities in Westchester offer eWaste recycling by appointment or drop off at a local waste facility.


Protecting Your Data:

Whenever you dispose of electronics it is highly recommended to remove any sensitive data the device may contain. The process to do this varies based on what the device is.

Remove your data from your iphone before recyling

Erasing iPhones and iPads

This is a fairly simple process. Head to Settings, then General, press Reset, and finally select Erase All Content and Settings.

Deleting Data from Android

For most Android devices, go to Settings, Backup & Reset, and select Reset Phone.

Erasing Computer Hard Drives

Securely deleting the data from a desktop or laptop computer is a bit more complicated and does take some time. The correct way to do it is using software the overwrites everything on the hard drive multiple times. This ensures that the data is not recoverable.

Our technicians are available to securely erase any hard drive for you.

We use specially designed software that performs a random multi-pass overwrite of your data to ensure that nobody can read your sensitive data. We perform this service as a discounted rate. Please give us a quick ring to let us know you are going to bring the computer in, 914-562-1800.



Tablets We Love

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When it comes to portable tablet computing, we find that the best platform is Windows 8.
Unlike an Apple tablet, many Windows tablets include a fully featured Windows 8 operating system. This means you not only have access to apps, but it is also a full computer that can run anything from Microsoft Outlook and Word to any USB printer or external hard drive.

Here’s a video that shows the quick difference:

Here’s a video review of our favorite Tablet, the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2:

If you are interesting in finding out more or would like to purchase the above tablet please give us a ring at 914-562-1800.

Lenovo Impresses Us Again

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We frequently recommend Lenovo computers. Often, though, we find that many of our customers are unfamiliar with the Lenovo brand. Where did this company come from?

Lenovo is the company that took over the personal computing division of IBM, headquartered in Armonk. Lenovo continues to impress us not only with their ability to continue IBM’s legacy of high quality computing equipment, but also with their exceptional business practices.

Lenovo is a Chinese corporation, but they do manufacture here in the United States. And their CEO recently made headlines with his second year of generosity towards his workers, both Chinese and American.

This report about Lenovo’s business practices was recently broadcast on ABC’s World News.


Should I buy the extended warranty?

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Electronics Extended Warranty

As soon as stores started selling those “extended warranties” with electronics you could tell that something fishy was going on by how emphatically the store representatives would push them.  Before you let the next sales rep squeeze you for extra cash on services they bet you aren’t going to use, read this short article:

Evo vs iPhone 4

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Here is an excellent comparison between the Apple iPhone 4 and the Android Evo 4G:

I think it is worth adding that Sprint offers an unlimited data plan, while AT&T now charges per data usage.

iPhone 4 has Serious Reception Issue

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Here is a great demonstration of the reception problem with the iPhone 4. Here at Geeks on Wheels we think this is recall worthy. How can Apple comfortably distribute this product to so many people?

How much should you spend on a new computer?

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New ComputersPeople frequently ask us for advice when purchasing a new computer. Without getting into all the technical details of technical issues, such as is Intel better than AMD, the best place to start is price. When shopping for a computer many people start by trying to find out how little they can spend.

What you should look for when purchasing a computer is value. You want to get the most bang for your buck. The cheapest computer, however, is not the best value.

Finding value in a computer is analogous to finding value in any other product. The best value is usually not the cheapest product, nor is it the most expensive. We want to shoot for the mid-rangle. For example, if you look at cars, between a Kia, a Honda, and a BMW, the best value is the Honda. It costs about 15% more than the Kia, but it requires less maintenance, lasts longer, and runs better than the Kia. The BMW costs twice as much as the Honda, but could it possibly be twice the car? This generally holds true for everything from chocolate to jewlery.

Prices for a normal use computer generally range between $425 and $1500, before purchasing software such as Microsoft Office. At the low end of this scale you are going to get a computer with unimpressive performance and as new software places increasing demands on your computer, you’ll find this computer quickly degrading in performance and with it your satisfaction will go too. Within just a couple years you’ll be thinking of replacing it. If you move up the scale towards a more mid-range computer, such as one for $650 to $700, you’ll be purchasing a machine that will be zippier, crisper, last twice as long, and keep you happier and more productive the whole way through.

The longevity of a computer is very important. There are more costs involved in getting a new computer than just the price of the computer. New computers require setup, your documents, photos and music all have to be moved from your old computer, and all adjusting the computer to get it to the point that it works efficiently and easily for you takes time. Whether at home or in the office, a new computer is a distraction. This is one of the major reasons that when buying a new computer you want to plan for value over the long term.

A computer that lasts longer saves you time and energy, and keeps you happier and more productive along the way.