We can help you avoid a the bad situation we see all too often  — crashed computers leading to lost photo albums, personal computer documents, work, and other computer files.  The files on your computer are too important not to back up.

We have tested countless backup systems and can provide you with expert assistance in selecting the right one for you and we can even set it up for you.  In some cases an external hard drive and good backup software are the way to go.  For others online backup is superior with its ability to protect your files against fire, flood, and theft.

Out of all the online backup providers out there we tested, we prefer iBackup.

Protect your files:

Online Backup 

The stuff on your computer is too valuable not to back up.  Call us and we’ll make sure you are protected, 914-562-1800.  We can even help you with this using our remote support system without the need for a technician to visit your home or office.