Recycling Electronics

When disposing of your formerly loved computers, tablets, phones, and other electronics there are two key factors to keep in mind: your data and the environment.


Protecting the Environment:

Electronics contain toxic pollutants, including mercury and lead. Please do not dispose of your old iPad, phone, or any other electronics into your garbage. Doing so is harmful to the environment and is illegal.

Geeks on Wheels is now offering eWaste recycling at no charge.

We are accepting retired computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones for environmentally friendly recycling. Simply bring your old electronics to our office at 47 Halstead Ave, Harrison, NY.
Additionally, many municipalities in Westchester offer eWaste recycling by appointment or drop off at a local waste facility.


Protecting Your Data:

Whenever you dispose of electronics it is highly recommended to remove any sensitive data the device may contain. The process to do this varies based on what the device is.

Remove your data from your iphone before recyling

Erasing iPhones and iPads

This is a fairly simple process. Head to Settings, then General, press Reset, and finally select Erase All Content and Settings.

Deleting Data from Android

For most Android devices, go to Settings, Backup & Reset, and select Reset Phone.

Erasing Computer Hard Drives

Securely deleting the data from a desktop or laptop computer is a bit more complicated and does take some time. The correct way to do it is using software the overwrites everything on the hard drive multiple times. This ensures that the data is not recoverable.

Our technicians are available to securely erase any hard drive for you.

We use specially designed software that performs a random multi-pass overwrite of your data to ensure that nobody can read your sensitive data. We perform this service as a discounted rate. Please give us a quick ring to let us know you are going to bring the computer in, 914-562-1800.