Google Apps Series Episode 1: An Introduction to Google Apps for Business.

Google is providing small and medium sized businesses with tools that were previously only within reach of large organizations that can afford expensive server rooms and IT staff.   In this series of articles, we will be looking at the Google Apps suite as it applies to small to medium sized businesses.  My objective here is to provide business owners with a basic understanding of what Google Apps is and how it may be beneficial to them.  Google Apps is an opportunity every business owner should be aware of, whether you are a one man operation or have hundreds of employees.

What is Google Apps?  Basically, Google Apps is a suite applications, like Microsoft Office.  These include Gmail, calendar, word processing, spreadsheet and presentation creator, chat, voice, and more.

What’s the big deal?  Firstly, the price.  The Google Apps suite is extremely inexpensive, and it is efficient to deploy, and is extremely low maintenance.  Previously, businesses invested in expensive Microsoft Exchange servers for email and calendar sharing.   This is now available from Google liternally at a fraction of the cost.  And there is a second deal this is a big deal — the Google suite offers many beneficial features that Microsoft does not.

Let’s take a look.  Here is a quick video overview of Google Apps for Business:

Bravo to Google for helping the little guys compete with the big boys.

Here at Geeks on Wheels we have helped numerous businesses take advantage of Google Apps to increase productivity, while at the same time dramatically reducing costs as compared to using Microsoft solutions.

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In the next episode of this series we will be looking at some examples of how businesses use Google Apps.